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The Mavic is one of the most advanced unmanned drones made for personal and commercial use released by the drone company DJI. The Mavic is a new design by DJI that provides portability that the other DJI drones do not have.

Features Edit


The Mavic is equipped with the same camera as the current Phantom 4 UAV. The camera is a 12MP camera that is capable of shooting 4k videos at 30 frames per second(FPS). 96 FPS are capable when shooting 1080p. The camera in the DJI Mavic does differ from the Phantom 4 slightly. The Mavic possesses a 78 degree field of view(FOV) whereas the Phantom 4 maintains a 94 degree FOV.

Speed & Distance

The Mavic flies at a speed of 40 miles per hour(MPH) which is 5 miles per hour less than the Phantom 4. The Mavic does have the ability of live stream video over extremely large distances. The Mavic live streams video at a distance of 4.3 miles aways at full 1080p high definition.

Gesture Control

Gesture control is a new feature that no other DJI drone owns. With the Mavic's internal computer system, the drone is able to detect multiple gestures and perform functions based on the given gesture. Some of these gestures include raising your arms and making a Y in order for the drone to focus.


The Mavic differs from the previous DJI models in regards to its ability to fly without a remote. From a smartphone or tablet, all functions of a normal controller can be accessed to include taking off, flying, and returning to its point of origin but sacrifices flight range

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  • Ready To-Fly Quadcopter

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